Package details 

Package 1 

Cost: $325

40 minute session

2 outfits

15 fully edited images

Print Release

Cost $475

40 minute session

2 outfits

15-20 fully edited images

Little Black hard cover photo book of images to gift 

Package 2 




So, I know you may be teetering on the fence about doing a boudoir session, Right?  Here is some information to help you make the decision.


A boudoir session is all about you! I know, I know, you may be thinking this is for my fiance or boyfriend! Which yes, what an amazing gift that they will LOVE, I suggest that you go into the session thinking, for once in my life, this is about me feeling beautiful, confident and comfortable in my own skin! I often have people tell me, “that looks so fun” and then comes the dreaded “BUT” i don’t have a great body, or i hate how my legs/arms… or insert body part here! In your boudoir session, we are going to find poses that fit your body just right! These sessions are about embracing your body and highlighting your assets.



We will be tucked away in an adorable little all white barn studio in Elko which is located on a private residence that is secluded and discrete.  We can sip on a little champagne and truly have



Once you are ready to go for it, I will send you a calendar to select your time slot.  A deposit of $100 is required to hold that slot. Once that is completed you are all set.  Next I will send you over a questionnaire to gather more information on exactly what you want to capture and avoid.  We can also set up a phone meeting to chat about the details. You will receive your professionally edited gallery of images by February 3rd.  Just in time to gift for Valentine’s day. If you choose to purchase a little black book those will be delivered by Feb 10th.


Hair and Make up

I recommend my clients to hire a professional hair and make up artist. It’s so fun to get dolled up, because lets face it, it’s a rare thing to splurge on hair and make up. Professional artists are going to know how to play up the best features in your face, like your bright blue eyes or your luscious lips! They also are going to be aware of the amount of make up you need to look great on camera.



In our 45 minute session we will have time for up to 2 outfits.  Have fun with it, you can do sexy lingerie, your boyfriend's/hubby's tie and dress shirt, sexy over the shoulder sweater and cute is all up to you!


Little Black Book

If you would like to purchase a little black book of your images to gift, I can send you size and price options.  They range from $50-80.

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